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Philipp Spillmann (NO)

Philipp Spillmann (NO)
Shell (2021)

The brooches Shells are hand-carved from found plastic fishing buoys scattered around North Norwegian shores.These fishing buoys were produced from solid petroleum-based plastic centuries ago and have become abandoned marine debris. Childhood memories of treasure hunting for sea shells washed up on beaches and the name and logo of a multinational oil company were among the inspirations to turn the marine plastic waste into wearable art pieces. Some of the oldest known jewellery pieces in the world are made from shells. (artist's own description)

Carved out of a found plastic fishing buoy / marine debris, zinc-plated steel, steel screws, steel needle. 8,5×8,5×2cm. Carved out of a found plastic fishing buoy / marine debris, zinc-plated steel, steel screws, steel needle. 9×9×2cm.

Photo: Søren Rønholt




Davide Ronco (IT)

Davide Ronco (IT) Studio del Presente: Atto Primo (Blocks) (2021)
'Studio del Presente' is an ongoing investigation of the ever-changing. It is part of a three-year research that has led to the creation of four installations/exhibitions. The blocks are part of STUDIO DEL PRESENTE: ATTO PRIMO. It is a reflection of the now and how those "cracks", which we are co-living with are going to condition us. The installation encourages direct human interaction, seeking to enhance the relation and parallels between the artificial and natural. The artist encourages the visitor to partake in the process. (artist's own description)

Rammed earth (clay, soil, sand) manually pressed into wooden mould. Single Block: Variable height (20-80) x 45 x 45 cm

Minna Långström (FI)

Minna Långström (FI) Photosphere (2020)
Photosphere revolves around the connection between a Hollywood studio film laboratory and a solar observatory during the era of celluloid filmmaking. It portrays Sara Martin, a solar astronomer who used film as research material up until the end of the 1990's when it was abandoned for digital video. Photosphere combines archival footage from the film laboratory (Pathé Laboratories in Hollywood Hills) with the film footage Martin and her colleagues shot of the sun. (artist's own description)

HD video. 16:40 min

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