Skjold Rambow (DK) Puppet Theater (2021)
In order to visualize a struggle for recognition, I have examined the value of various objects, based on a staged reality in the traffic plaza. Through the work, I have questioned my own self-narrative and, among other things, used myself as material in an attempt to find out who is pulling the strings. Focusing on encounters between fact and fiction, I have created a display that includes medals I have won in gymnastics, a self-portrait and a model of the Royal Theatre.

Puppet theatre, printed photo, medals, forecourt. 130 x 75 x 280cm

About the artist: Artist, performer and dancer.
My works relate to mental and physical presence. In my work I use my own body and self-narrative as a starting point, to explore physical theatre in different media. Examining the essentiality of presence according to the setting in which it is placed, I create images and scenes for different places and contexts, to better understand my being and that of others. (artist's own description)