More than 830 artists and artist groups have applied for admission to Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition this year. Of the record number of applicants, 38 artists and artist groups made it through the jury's eye of the needle - artists representing established as well as emerging talent from Denmark, the Nordic countries, Europe, Mexico, Australia and Russia and a wide range of other countries. Their works can be seen at Kunsthal Charlottenborg from 5 February - 13 March 2022 and at a number of events, which you can read more about under the tab 'programme 2022.'

At the opening of the exhibition, Swedish Eva Rocco Kenell received the Talent Prize, Russian Sergei Prokofiev was awarded the Solo Prize and Australian Eugenia Lim won the Deep Forest Art Land Prize.

Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition and the collaborations with Politikens Forhal and Deep Forest Art Land have received generous support from: Artland, Axel Muusfeldt Foundation, Apollo, Beckett Foundation, Nationalbank Jubilee Fund of 1968, The Obeloved Family Fund, Dreyer Foundation, Knud Højgaard Foundation, Consul George Jorck and Wife Emma Jorck's Foundation, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, PRinfoTrekroner, Danish Arts Foundation, Tuborg, 1664 Blanc and Aage, Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation