Mette Genet (DK) Eskista(2021)
The work Eskista (2021) takes its name from traditional Ethiopian dance, which focuses primarily on the movement of the upper body and shoulders.With roots from Ethiopia and a upbringing from Denmark, I have grown up with, no knowledge of my original culture. The work here is an interpretation of how I can embrace both cultures. With various clips of traditional Ethiopian instruments and singing from YouTube, I have created an atmosphere that serves as a backdrop for the video, which is composed of image sequences and stills. (artist's own description)

HD video.02:58min

About the artist: I am currently a student at HDK valand in Gothenburg. I am studying the photography line, where I mainly work in the analogue field. I am curious to explore different techniques, and would like to expand my practice, with more mixed media. Through my work, I would like to focus on the representation of different nationalities and cultures. And also looking very inwards, in relation to having grown up in Denmark, with a different background. (artist's own description)

Mette Genet is accepted at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition with one work.