Emilie Bobek (DK) Josephine Rán Andredottir (DK) Illusion (2021)
is both a piece of furniture and a sculpture. The work is a study of the physical laws and distortions stored in our bodily as well as our perceptual experiences. It is inspired by the physical condition "Motion After Effect" where the brain distorts dead objects to look like they are alive or moving under special circumstances: for example looking at a stone after looking at a waterfall, the stone will appear to drift upwards. (artists' own description)

Aluminium lost wax. 46x50x30 cm

About the artists: Emilie Bobek (b. 1990) graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy School of Fine Arts and Design, NL. Josephine Rán Andredottir (b.1983) graduated from the Royal Academy - Architecture, Design and Conservation, DK .Artist Bobek and designer Andredottir work together with different mediums such as ceramics, wood, plaster, metals, jesmonite and epoxy to create their work. Through an intuitive collaboration they explore different unconventional materials and methods to expand the limits of sculpture and furniture. (artists' own description)

Emilie Bobek and Josephine Rán Andredottir (DK) are accepted with one work at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2022.


Photo: Søren Rønholt