Märta König (SE) Double sunrise (2018)
Light, air, explosions. The painting is about sinking, getting to the bottom. Sometimes, of course, the countermove will be an explosion. Then huge amounts of light and air are let in. The objects in the light cast shadows, and these shadows, among others, have occupied me lately. (artist's own description)

Oil on canvas. 150 x 100 x 1 cm

About the artist: "One could speak of Märta König's more landscape-like paintings as game plans for the end of life. They are seemingly expanses that open and close to be replaced by new spaciousness; the levels cut off the stories and divide them between themselves. Perspectives are thus multiple, detail can take place in the distance and wholeness can take place in a matchbox." From the text "THE WAY OF MEASUREMENT" Copyright Susanna Slöör 2019. Translation Olof Mårtensson


Märta König is accepted at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2022 one work.