Felix Badman (SE) Kristine Møller (DK) A tent (2022)

A tent must be understood through the many, often contradictory images that the tent, the oldest and most widespread form of shelter and home, conveys as a symbol. Sometimes as a symbol of adventure, freedom and power. Other times as a sign of crisis and disaster. The work is a contradiction in terms. The canvas made of silk, hand-dyed with acorns and iron cannot be used as shelter or shelter, and therefore contrasts with the rational and industrialized products the skeleton is made of. (artists' own description)

Galvanized steel and silk hand-dyed in acorn and iron. 300 x 343 x 400

About the artists: Kristine Møller is a textile artist who works experimentally with textile dyeing, embroidery and traditional needlework. Felix Badman is a newly qualified architect with an interest in social and cultural codes, symbols and signs in architecture. Felix Badman and Kristine Møller are accepted with one work at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2022 .


Photo: Søren Rønholt