Marianne Johnstad-Møller (DK) Put together (2020)
The work consists of 10 different pieces of knitting from old works, the pieces are inconsistent in size, and some with flaws and holes. The process of giving the knitted pieces new life started with dyeing, then they are put together and hand stitched with the invisible thread the pieces are knitted from. I want to bring out the beauty of the composite and imperfect. (artist's own description)

Knit, polyamide filament, mohair and viscose yarns. 420 x 285 x 75 cm

About the artist: I am working with knit and textile as an artist, and craftswoman with a strong focus on materials and craft, tradition and innovation. I hand-dye the knitted pieces and often rework discarded and damaged pieces of knitting from other projects, creating new art pieces. My work are meditations of what is visible and what lies hidden to us in the dark, striving to make objects and installations that make room for reflection, embracing both beauty and the painful sides of life. (artist's own description)

Photo: Søren Rønholt

Marianne Johnstad-Møller (DK) is accepted at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2022 with three works.

Photo: Søren Rønholt

Un-titled_1 (2021)
Un-titled_2 (2020)
Expressing and exploring feelings and reflections. Patience - Impatience. Greed - Dissatisfaction. Visible -Not visible. Trust - Insecurity. Stillness - Change.

Knit, polyamide filament, wool yarn. 75 x 155 x 30 cm and 65 x 205 x 30 cm