Selina Rom Andersen (DK) Downwind series (2025) (2021)
Review copy of the series "Medvindsserien" and a review of the series. (artist's own description)

Framed newspaper clipping 23 x 32 x 2 cm. pencil case 3 x 5 cm.

Photo: Arne O'Slim

About the artist: "I make my own money and write my own reviews." (artist's own description)

Selina Rom Andersen is accepted with five works at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2022.

Photo: Søren Rønholt

Spit-roasted municipality (2021)
Official heraldry of Spytstegte. (artist's own description)

Massonite, acrylic. Fx 18 x 25 cm

Royal Arms (2019-21)
Sketch proposal for a new Danish coat of arms. (artist's own description)

Charcoal, ballpoint pen, watercolour on paper. 30 x 21 cm per piece

Photo: Arne O'Slim

Only Round Thing in Donald Judd's House - Stolen (2021)
Aesthetics of blackmail. Postcard as empirical evidence that round artefact from Donald Judd's house was in fact stolen. (artist's own description)

Print on paper. 10 x 15 cm


Photo: Arne O'Slim

YYYYYYHHH!!!! (2019)

Video. 4:42 min