Yasmina Derradj (DK/DZ)
Solo Prize Recipient

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"Yasmina's works emerge as a kind of diagnosis of our own contemporary disruption and search for boundaries. In both images and sound, we sense a pronounced transience and a constant search for a foothold and freedom in a 'floating world' where notions of gender, identity, family relations and cultural origins are constantly displaced and renegotiated. On behalf of Politikens Forhal, we would like to congratulate Yasmina on winning the Solo Prize at the 2023 Spring Exhibition. We look forward to collaborating on a solo exhibition at Politikens Forhal opening in January 2024." - Signe Jochumsen, on behalf of Politikens Forhal and this year's jury


"Do what makes you feel free, that's what matters in the end!! I hope that my win will encourage others like me to apply! It doesn't matter if you've never played guitar before, that you weren't born into the art world, that it's not in your heritage but, it's in your blood, do you have a story at heart, tell it!! Thanks to the Spring Exhibition and the jury for the award and for the experience!" -Yasmina Derradj

About the Solo Prize: in collaboration with Signe Jochumsen, exhibition director of Politikens Forhal, this year's jury has selected the winner of the Solo Prize, which will give the artist the opportunity to create a solo exhibition at Politikens Forhal in January 2024.