Simo Tse (AU) Living in a Blur (2020)
Home confinement has collapsed one’s assumptions of spatiality and one’s sense of time. If sight is separated from body, what one could see is a lone figure, slumped onto a chair with fast typing fingers. Intruded by a global pandemic, all kinds of sociability have been moved online, whilst the feeling of FOMO  (Fear of Missing Out) continues. Using the webcam and the video conferencing application as portals, the artist’s body as props, and his rooms as scenography, Living in a Blur is an audio-visual hybrid of workout from home and ASMR (Autonomous Sensory  Meridian Response) videos for those who suffer from productivity anxiety. (kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)

Video. 12:00 minutes
1-12 skærme, farve med lyd, tripods.

Om kunstneren:Simo Tse (b.1984 AUS) is an artist and an independent  researcher. He accumulates anecdotal and biographical  fragments into constellations of coincidence, glitches and  plot twists, which resulted in the forms of printed matter,  moving image, installation and participatory art. A recent graduate from Sandberg Instituut (2020), Tse is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)

Simo Tse antages med ét værk på Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2022.