Davide Ronco (IT) Studio del Presente: Atto Primo (Blocks) (2021)
Studio del Presente‘ is an ongoing investigation of the ever-changing. It is part of a three-year research that has led to the creation of four installations/exhibitions. The blocks are part of STUDIO DEL PRESENTE: ATTO PRIMO. It is a reflection of the now and how those “cracks”, which we are co-living with are going to condition us. The installation encourages direct human interaction, seeking to enhance the relation and parallels between the artificial and natural. The artist encourages the visitor to partake in the process. (kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)

Rammed Earth (clay, soil, sand) manually pressed into wooden mould. Single Block: Variable height (20-80) x 45 x  45 cm

Om kunstneren: Davide Ronco’s practice is grounded on material research and solid craftsmanship. His work focuses on objects and installations,  thus challenging the praxis of the conventional tools and methodology. The focal point of his  is the study of perception and challenging the dichotomy between the natural and the artificial. The fascination for the concept of Ad  Extremum is at the core of his ongoing research on the precarious existence of humankind: a study on transience, fragility,  and decay. (kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)


Foto: Søren Rønholt