Ash Thiberg. Talent Award Winner 2021

This year's jury and the Charlottenborg Foundation are pleased to announce this year's talent award winner Aske Thiberg.

The jury writes:

The jury has chosen to highlight visual artist Aske Thiberg for his nuanced and multifaceted studies of our contemporaries. Ash stands with one leg in a contacterary discursive river of ideas and the other in an emotive poetic current. His work is something as rare as a testimony that succeeds in dripping to rise up and portray the real-life soup it itself floats around in. With an awareness of his position and a courage to let his material falter and his voice tremble, his works appear as insightful and open statements. We are proud to award Aske Thiberg the Talent Prize for recognising that we are dealing here with a budding artistry that we are confident will become a decisive voice in the future.

The talent award comes with a grant of DKK 10,000.