Anna Sofie Jespersen, Ida Wieth (photo Kåre Viemose), Aske Thiberg (photo I DO ART)

We have talked to this year's three award winners about the impact on them of winning one of charlottenborg spring exhibition awards.


What does it mean to you to win this year's solo award?

They mean an incredible amount to me winning this year's solo award. I moved from Denmark when I was 20 years old to attend art school in London and moved directly from London to New York, where I am now working on my master's degree in visual arts at the Hunter MFA Programme. It is really cool and nice to come home again and have the opportunity to exhibit in Denmark. As my friend said to me the other day "The mothership is calling you home"."

Have you already thought about how the exhibition opportunity at Deep Forest Art Land will be approached?

"I am currently preparing my graduation exhibition, which is due to be completed by the end of 2021, and I would like to think of the exhibition in Politikens Forhal as an extension of the exhibition here. I have been very concerned with themes of addiction and abuse, family structures, differences and similarities between religion and ideologies and how they are expressed in my day. Right now I'm reading 'Sexual Personae' by Camille Paglia, as well as 'Preliminary Materials For a Theory of the Young-Girl' by Tiqqun'.


What does it mean to you to win the Deep Forest Art Land Award?

I'm incredibly happy. It is a great honor that the jury has awarded me the prize, and entrusts me with creating a work for deep forest art land. The concept of resizing art and nature as a cohesion that speaks to the ins and experience of both at the same time is incredibly exciting, and in many ways goes in the span of how I approach my artistic work with glass. 

It is therefore a great and exciting opportunity for me to develop a site-specific work in this context that both challenges and unites elements from – and not least in – nature itself".

Have you already thought about how the exhibition opportunity at Deep Forest Art Land will be approached?

"Nature's enormous importance is eternally topical, and perhaps especially emphasized in new lighting and approaches. I think there is an interesting contrast in the strength and fragility of nature, which is also reflected in my work with glass. There is an edification and great power, but also a fragility and degradation that affects the perishable and elusive. I want to address these elements in an artistic project that I believe will lay the groundwork for new impressions and perceptions of nature, fragility and strength in unexpected ways in Deep Forest Art Land."


What does it mean to you to win this year's talent award?

Itmeans a lot to me when a jury with that professionalism and experience says there's potential in what I do. When I won the award and read the reasoning, I immediately wanted to make more art."

Why is it relevant to you to apply to Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition?

"What I like about the exhibition is that it is seen by a large group of people who do not work in the art environment themselves, and of course this is something I want to be a part of, and something that I have so far not had much experience with."