1. Name and registered office 

1.1 The name of the foundation is the Charlottenborg Foundation.

1.2 These Statutes have replaced the Statute of the "History Painter Val demar Neiiendam and Helga Louise Eilertsen born Bing's scholarship in favour of unfamide current or former exhibitors at Charlottenborg" with royal confirmation of 29 May 1999. The Statute of the "Charlotten borg Exhibition Fund of 19 74" with royal confirmation of 4 February 1983, statute of the Charlotte nborgudsti ll no, statute of the " Ma lere n Marius Hammanns Scholarship" with royal confirmation of 24 February 1983, is the statute of the "Ma lere n Marius Hammanns Legat" with royal confirmation of 24 February 1983.  August 1966, Statute of the "Augusta Dohlmanns Scholarship for Unmarried Needy Paintings" with royal confirmation of 6 July 1915.

The following other foundations for which no such statutes were proposed are also covered by these Statutes: "The Bindbolske Kunstnerlega t", " Decembe rudstillingsfonden ", Marine painter Viggo Helsted and Kone Anna, born Knudsens Mindelegat, " Ro bert Hirschsprungs Mindelegat", " Needlemaker P.C. Hjorths Legat", "Ma leren N.P. Mols ' Scholarship for the benefit of older painters " , " The painter M. Ther tickling the Scholarship", " The Wolffske Scholarship", " The Painter Jens Hansen Aarslev memorial scholarship " - Anna Kresten's Scholarship, "C harlotte nborgudstil llingens to mbo la", " Miss Olga Abrahamsen's Scholarship", and "Grosserer Heinrich Hirschsprungs Legat'".

The above mentioned foundations were joined by " Historiema leren Valdemar Neiiendam and Helga Louise Ei le le rtse n born Bing's scholarship in january 1996 for the benefit of unfamiliar present or occasional exhibitors at Charlottenborg". This merger today constitutes the Charlottenborg Foundation.

1.3 The foundation's registered office is the Municipality of Copenhagen with an office address in the Exhibition Building at Charlottenborg, where, according to the foundation of the Charlottenborg Exhibition Foundation of 1974, the foundation has royally confirmed fun dats of 4 February 1983, free of charge, and has premises for the purposes of the exhibition activities.

2. Purpose 

2.1 The purpose of the Fund is to

to work for the exhibition of Danish, Nordic and other art in all arts;

to provide support to artists and their survivors.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation shall respect, in awarding grants from the Fund, the privileges arising from the original statutes of "Histo riemaleren Valdemar Neiiendam and Helga Louise Eilertsen born Bing's scholarship for the benefit of in needy current or former exhibitors at Charlottenborg", "The Painter Marius Hammann's LegaC and "Augusta Dohlmanns Legat for unmarried Art Paintings".

Every year in March, an open, cens unredified exhibition – Charlotten borg's Spring Exhibition – is held after a report by the Board of Directors based on the royal decree of 18 October 1974 on the ad ministration of the Exhibition Building at Charlottenborg. As last amended by Order No 160/2004/EC of 27 907 of 6 September 2012 on the administration of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Visual Arts Schools.

According to Section 9 of this Order, exhibition rooms must be made available in Kunsthal Charlottenborg for the organisation of the spring exhibition in question, and no other purpose can be made available within the period of use of the works (including censorship), the organisation and winding of the Spring Exhibition, without the consent of the administration of Kunsthal Charlottenborg and the Foundation's Board of Directors; And

when the Board of Directors deems it possible to exhibit the work of invited artists in accordance with the board's decision, either as part of the Spring Exhibition or through the organisation of the autumn exhibition – Charlottenborg's Autumn Exhibition. No one can be invited to participate two years in a row. Worker who is

discarded at the Spring Exhibition cannot be submitted to any Autumn Exhibition.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation may set a participation fee for the artists' participation at the Spring, as at the Autumn Exhibition.

3. Assets and equity
  1. In the Fund's assets as of December 3, 2015, dkk.  In 05,243 the self-capital was $0.677.

3.2 The fund's assets come from previously independent funds, listed in point 1.2, which are now part of the merger under the name Charlotten borg Fonden.

4. Board of Directors of the Fund

4.1 The Foundation's Board of Directors represents three sections of Danish art life; painting, sculpture, graphics, photo and media art), architecture and crafts/design.

4.2 The Board of Directors of the Foundation consists of six members. The Board of Directors shall at least be rcpresent;.:t by two visual artists, an architect and an artisan/designer. A maximum of one of the members of the Management Board may be a permanent member of other artists' associations.

4.3 The Board of Directors selects from among its member states a fi. Jrmand and a second man. If the fonnandcn is temporarily disrespected, it shall enter the place of the President.

4.4 The Board of Directors shall be in a quorum only when at least four of the members are present. Decisions are taken wd ordinary tally1erhcd . If the votes are equal, the vote of the President and then the Vice-President shall be made clear.

4.5 Members of the Foundation's Board of Directors are not allowed to exhibit at Charlottenborg's Spring and/or Autumn Exhibition.

4.6 The Foundation's Board of Directors has set out separate rules for the Censorship Committee for the Spring Exhibition.

4.7 Members of the Foundation's Board of Directors may be appointed to the Censorship Committee. In addition, the Board of Directors of the Foundation may have a board member in each of the committee's committees.

4.8 A report is kept at board meetings signed by the members of the current Board of Directors.

4.9 The Fund is jointly subscribed by the Chairman and a member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of the Fund may communicate the usual procura.

4.10 The Board of Directors of the Fund may draw up rules of procedure for its activities.

5. Amendment of the Statutes of the Fund

5.1 A vote of the Management Board to amend the Statutes of the Fund shall, notwithstanding the provision in paragraph 4.4, require unanimity among the six members of the committee.

5.2 Amendments to the Statutes of the Fund shall be made in crane following the approval of the Board of Directors' recommendation of the Statutes.

6. Election to the Fund's Board of Directors

6.1 The members of the Management Board are elected for a four-year term with staggered elections. Elections to the board will take place in November or December and shall apply from the next I. January. Mt.:d lemmer of the Board of Directors may only be re-elected for a further period .

6.2 Elections to the Board of directors of the Foundation shall be by a secret ballot on the principle of majority voting. Voting may be adopted by ordinary st1.:mmef1erhed after point 4.4. In the case of a tie, the award shall be determined by drawing lots.

6.3 Eligible and eligible to vote as members of the Board are artists who have exhibited at Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition for the past seven years.

6.4 For the election of members to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, each election board may submit to the Fund, in accordance with the list of candidates sent within each section, in writing and at least three days before the meeting of the Artists, to the Fund, to propose candidates and their alternates. The proposals submitted shall include the name and address of the candidate and alternate and be signed by those persons. Only one candidate with one alternate may be included on each notification. The notification shall also include the names and addresses of at least three contributors who meet the above-mentioned eligibility conditions. Notification can be done both physically and electrically.

6.5 no one within his own section can be the subject of more than a certain amount of two visual artists, two architects, two craftsmen/designs re.

6.6 The Board of Directors may nominate candidates from both the lists and candidates who do not meet the eligibility criteria.

6.7 At the same time as the election of members to the Fund's Board of Directors, sup plerants are elected under the same electoral rules.

6.8 The alternate shall join a member's board of directors, so that he or she is in a state of affairs during the term of office, shall cease to be a member of the Management Board or, because of a minor or shorter-term illness, or is prevented from carrying out the duties of the Fund for any other reason.

6.9 If both a member of the Fund's Management Board and his alternate cease to function, the other Management Board may appoint an alternate for the remaining term of office. This alternate shall be chosen from the official opinion of the board member and his alternate.

7. Consultant 

7.1 The Board of Directors of the Foundation may appoint a consultant with the necessary legal and financial insight to safeguard the fund's interests. its Management Board shall appoint an exhibition secretary to carry out the fund's administration with the appointments.

8. Risky dispositions 

8.1 The Board of directors of the Fund shall not, on behalf of the Fund, contribute to any arrangements which may cause such risks to the Fund that its independence is threatened or could inflict losses on third parties which cannot be covered by the Fund. Failure to do so could result in liability for the members of the board under the general rules of Danish law.

9. Financial year, accounting, auditing

 9.1 The financial year of the Fund is the calendar year. Within four months of the end of the financial year, the Board of Directors shall have prepared accounts of the fund's revenue and expenditure, including one with a balance sheet.

9.2 The fund's accounts are audited by a board of directors appointed and independent auditor.

10. Use of revenue

10.1 Revenue for the year, plus any transfer from the last financial year and after deduction of expenses for the Dohlmannian and Bindesbøllske graves in Frederiksberg's old cemetery and the fund's administrative expenses, shall be used by the Board of Directors in accordance with the rules laid down in Section 2 of the Statutes.

11. Non-consideration of purpose or revenue

11.1 In the event that the fund's fonnpin is no longer sufficient or the revenue is not sufficient to fulfil its purpose, the Board of Directors may, with the permission of the fund authority, use the captive capital for that purpose or seek the fund together with another fund with a corresponding purpose.

11.2 A decision shall include the provision in point 1 1 . Paragraph 1 may be adopted only by unanimity of the members of the Management Board.

Statutes signed in Copenhagen


Astrid Kruse Jensen
Christina Bredahl Duelund
Ebbe Stub Wittrup
Emil Salto
Louise Gaarmann
Phil Ayres

Time: March 5, 2017 17:08
Place: Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Kongens Nytorv 1, 1050 Copenhagen