Lives and works in Berlin

Benandsebastian's work is based on a need to explore, scrutinize and question the world around them – using architectural structures. Architecture is for them not only the buildings we live in, but also a way of thinking that can be explored through the spatial structures of myth tales, utopian models, economic systems and power relationships. With their refined spatial constructions of high craftsmanship quality
they question their own assumptions about how they inhabit the world that surrounds them, while inviting others to do the same. Through a process that takes advantage of serious play, they tackle their interests head-on and are not afraid to explore the dysfunctional and the unfashionable. Their latest work is inspired by medieval rituals, romantic ruins, office politics and a walking history from Manhattan.

Recent activities:
On 17 November 2011, Benandsebastian opened their first museum solo exhibition 'Phantom Limbs' at Designmuseum Danmark. The exhibition, titled 'Phantom Limbs', showcases works from the last five years of their artistic collaboration. It combines 10 of their works with selected artifacts from Designmuseum Danmark, the National Museum and the Medical Museion. After six months at Designmuseum Danmark, the exhibition moves to Trapholt in May 2012.