Peter Land, Fallen Moon, 2017. Deep Forest Art Land

It is with great pleasure that the Charlottenborg Foundation can publish two new collaborations with the institutions Politikens Forhal and Deep Forest Art Land. The collaborations open up an improved number of opportunities for the participating artists as well as a greater degree of distribution of the Spring Exhibition's activities. 

The Charlottenborg Foundation, through its desire to rethink and optimise the Spring Exhibition as a springboard for very young artists, has started to establish new collaborations with relevant partners. In 2021, two institutional collaborations will be introduced with Politikens Forhal in Copenhagen and Deep Forest Art Land in Kibæk. The focus of the new venture is to support the growth layer through a series of tailor-made collaborations, where the artists will have the opportunity to further develop their exhibition practice in close cooperation with the institutions and become part of a solid artistic program, where they can create a solo presentation in a professional setting through a concentrated effort.

The collaborations will reflect the profiles and programmes of the individual partners, and will result in exhibition periods, residencies and other events. The projects will manifest themselves during the exhibition period at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in early spring, but as something new also for the remainder of the calendar year.

The solo prize, which previously gave the winner the opportunity to create a solo exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg the following year, will from 2022 be presented and facilitated by Politikens Forhal. The exhibition collaboration between Politikens Forhal, the Charlottenborg Foundation and the winner of the solo prize will be developed over a whole year and the exhibition will open in Politikens Forhal at the same time as the opening of the Spring Exhibition 2022 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

"It is a great pleasure that we are now starting collaboration with the Charlottenborg Foundation on an annual exhibition in Politikens Forhal with the solo prize winner from the Spring Exhibition. Our common desire is to give contemporary art in general and the selected artist specifically even better conditions for engaging directly with the surrounding society. And we hope that this cooperation will contribute to that." says Signe Cecilie Jochumsen, head of exhibition at Politikens Forhal and responsible for the art collection at JP/Politikens Hus.

The new Deep Forest Art Land initiative was created in collaboration with the exhibition site, also known as Skovsnogen, located in Kibæk, Jutland. The winner of this award will have the opportunity, in collaboration with Deep Forest Art Land and the Charlottenborg Foundation, to create a site-specific work for the platform following a residency period in the immediate area. The work will be presented in autumn 2021 and the exhibition will be publicly available until late summer 2022.

"It is with great pleasure for us in Deep Forest Art Land that we start a collaboration with an old illustrious institution such as the Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg. We look forward to together testing new ways to support and communicate young and free art." says Søren Taaning, co-founder of Deep Forest Art Land.

The Charlottenborg Foundation works actively to promote young art in the fields of visual arts, architecture and handicrafts/design. Today, the Foundation is working on the goal of continuing to create a new, better and more ambitious platform, which is also agenda-setting in the future, has its finger on the pulse and reaches a large audience.

About Politikens Forhal
Politikens Forhal is an exhibition space for new Danish art located in Politikens Hus on City Hall Square 37 in Copenhagen. Through exhibitions, events, artist talks and performances, Politikens Forhal creates debate and contributes new perspectives on our common time and future with the involvement of Danish contemporary art. Politikens Forhal is today part of JP/Politikens Hus and is run as an independent exhibition space with its own finances and independent of the house media. The concourse is managed by Exhibition Manager Signe Jochumsen, who is assisted and advised by an art committee.

About Deep Forest Art Land
Deep Forest Art Land, also known as Skovsnogen, is set up to give everyone access to unlock their own creative potential in the encounter with art and central and west Jutland nature. Deep Forest Art Land works on the idea that an interaction between art and nature can unlock our creative potential and make us more open and receptive, and thus able to plunge us into new challenges. Deep Forest Art Land was started in 2010 by the visual artists René Schmidt and Søren Taaning under the name Skovsnogen. The site had its beginnings as a development project under the Open Air Council, The Local and Construction Fund and others. and the concept of "Nature Room". Among other things, the project was about creating new natural users from social groups who do not normally seek out nature.