Victor Vidal (DK) PARABOMBA(2020)
This is a visual poem related to war and protection of people. (artist's own description)

Print on paper. 63 x 87 x 1 cm

About the artist: Mathematician, Engineer, Cultural Sociologist, Poet, Performer and Visual Artist. Victor Vidal is a visual artist, born in Perú and his artistic praxis originates from Denmark, like other well-known artists such as Anna Lynge, Viggo Salting, Heidi Hove, Mymiddlenameisrude, and Maria Viftrup. "For me, Art is a way to express my ideas, reflections, sociopolitical concerns, and visions about a better World. For me, the creative aspects of Art are more essential than aesthetics. I make Art for the brain not for the eyes. I am chairman of Astrid Noack Atelier and member of UKK." (artist's own description)

Victor Vidal is accepted with a work at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2022.

Photo: Søren Rønholt