Tina Menore (DK/US)

For the Love of Pink Smiles (2020)
This work was initially sketched in Photoshop. Almost everything is possible in a computer's universe.This person lives in an "almost" fictive universe that I work with, which is called "Fred and Wilma Lane." The title refers to nicknames that my husband and I used when we first started our love journey. To protect her universe, she has taken her hero costume which is a hard shell made of flowers, different objects, and glitter. Her internal organs are made of candy. (artist's own description)

Pap-mache, glitter, acrylic paint, wood, recyclable paper and plastic, and ready-made candy. 155×186×37cm

Make Me A Kiss and I'll Make You A Flower (2021)
I first sketched this work after having closely examined the naked body by making several drawings. The idea for this work came from a wish to express a "real" kiss. Not that kind of quick hello & goodbye kiss, but the kind of kiss that is remembered and felt in your body. I wanted to make a sculptural painting where the kissing couple became one.These are the types of things that happen on "Fred and Wilma Lane" where this work is a part of that series. (artist's own description)

Pap-mache, silk-paper, glitter, acrylic paint, pastels and recyclable paper and plastic. 109×124×44cm.

Photo: Søren Rønholt

About the artist: Tina is a visual artist who was born in San Francisco, California. She is now working and living in Denmark. "Born in 1961, I create stories around childhood memories which included alcohol, violence and separation. There was also love and laughter, there almost always is when you look hard enough. Rococo's lavish decorations and ornamentation of churches is a reference point for me. The Catholic Church was a safe haven. A place where I could pray for miracles and ask for forgiveness for myself and my family. The sensuality of our bodies inspires me. The way they are warm, honest and true. I have been inspired by my life growing up in San Francisco , the tenderloin district with the colorful transvestite community, Mission district and the Mexican culture, Haight-Ashbury with its punk and peace, love and harmony scene. Have lived in Concord, where times were hard and gangs were prevalent. And have also lived in the Middle East, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, where was mesmerized by its beauty and uncertainty.
I have attended Spektrum Art School in Copenhagen from 2014-2020 and will be forever grateful for the wonderful guidance I received there. Today I work from my Atelier at Filmstation in Værløse and receive mentoring from Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen which has been good for me and my work.
I moved to Denmark 30 years ago and feel wonderfully Danish. I like to say my love journey started there with my husband and when we started building our life and family together. My art is influenced by my life and I love color, glitter, nature and fantasy and A combination of my experiences marks the base for my work. "I apply material and color layer by layer to try to heal and reconstruct life" I work with paintings, photo, sculptures, pap-mache, glitter, silk paper and readymades. As an artist, I am interested in how our minds work when we day dream, when we escape from everyday rituals into my own dream world. I work with a series called "Things That Happen on Fred and Wilma Lane" which is an almost "fictive" universe. The title refers to the nicknames that my husband and I gave each other when we started our love journey. (artist's own description)

Tina Menore is accepted with two works at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2022.