Karl Persson (SE)

Ad Hoc (2021)
Oil on canvas. 70 × 63 cm.

The White Cloud (2021)
Oil on canvas. 58 × 47 cm.

Fire (2021)
Oil on canvas. 60 × 45 cm.

A Newfound Hybris (2021)
Oil on canvas. 50 × 55 cm.

Soft Dwelling (2021)
Oil on canvas. 55×60cm

Om kunstneren: One day, when I was still working as a store clerk, a colleague’s older sister took me to the art museum. She had already graduated from the university years ago and from what I gathered she seemed to like a painting by Cézanne the most. Later that afternoon she asked to see my hands.Told me they were soft. Soft like an artist’s, she said. Of course none of this is true, but still. (kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)


Foto: Søren Rønholt