Helena Lagerqvist Kuoljok (SE)

Vi utstår grova gärningar (2021)
Embroidery on wool with silk thread, sewn like a colt from UnnaTjerusj, Gällivare Fetus tovat of wool, umbilical cord wool and cotton, uterine organza. I have experienced the racist texts that sit on the colt myself and they are embroidered on yellow clothing with black silk thread. Works Vi utstår grova gärningar (2021), Elstolpar (2020) and Vindkraft (2020) belong together as it is costume parts that belong together. (kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)

Broderi på uld med silketråd. 67×114cm

View from Björkliden’s golf course, Kiruna municipality. A golf club from Stockholm runs a golf course in the mountains with green greens. Next to it, alps grow and the reindeer graze there as they always did. (kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)

Hørbroderi med hørtråd, silke og perlegarn. 33 × 37 cm.

Elstolpar (2020)
These electricity poles come from hydropower and are everywhere in our mountain world, even in the World Heritage Site Lapponia and the national parks. Related to Vi utstår grova gärningar and Vindkraft (2020).(kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)

Broderi på uld med silketråd, bomuldsfor syet som en Matjuk (hat). 27 x 28 cm

Vindkraft (2020)
This is another thing that now exists in the mountain world, wind farms that produce “green energy” but prevent reindeer from grazing and reindeer herders risking their lives when they have to pick up their reindeer near the wind farms. In winter it freezes to ice and when it spins, heavy ice cubes fly like projectiles and anyone hit by it can die, both human and animal. Related to Vi utstår grova gärningar (2021) and Elstolpar (2020). (kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)

Broderi på uld med silketråd, bomuldsfor, syet som en bryst klud fra Unna Tjerusj, Gällivare. 31 x 40 cm

Om kunstneren: Textile artist Helena Lagerqvist Kuoljok has interpreted a poem by Paulus Utsi in embroidery. Helena describes the vulnerability of the Sami people due to Sweden’s need for more mines, hydropower, tourist facilities, forestry on the Sámi people’s indigenous lands. The artist has created notes with some of the self-perceived racism she has encountered as a Sami. (kunstnerens egen beskrivelse)


Foto: Søren Rønholt

Helena Lagerqvist Kuoljok antages på Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2022 med fire værker.