Philipp Spillmann (NO)

Shell (2021)

The brooches Shells are hand-carved from found plastic fishing buoys scattered around North Norwegian shores.These fishing buoys were produced from solid petroleum-based plastic centuries ago and have become abandoned marine debris. Childhood memories of treasure hunting for sea shells washed up on beaches and the name and logo of a multinational oil company were among the inspirations to turn the marine plastic waste into wearable art pieces. Some of the oldest known jewellery pieces in the world are made from shells. (artist's own description)

Carved out of a found plastic fishing buoy / marine debris, zinc-plated steel, steel screws, steel needle. 8,5×8,5×2cm. Carved out of a found plastic fishing buoy / marine debris, zinc-plated steel, steel screws, steel needle. 9×9×2cm.

About the artist: A classic goldsmith education lies at the bottom of my artistic work. My passion for craftsmanship survived while I challenge the roles and prospects of jewelry, widening its boundaries towards sculpture and installation. I work in various materials provided by objects found at garbage places, flea markets, cheap shops or discarded in nature; objects suggesting visualizations of perceptions and associations. It is a playful exploration of the formability of unknown materials in combination with familiar metals. (artist's own description)

Photo: Søren Rønholt

Philipp Spillmann is accepted with three works at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2022. Shell (2021) will be shown:

Photo: Søren Rønholt

Daily grains (2020)
The news headline "Chinese producers caught manufacturing fake rice made out of plastic," central elements of the Chinese cuisine; rice and chopsticks, a rich tradition in carving shapes of foods in wood, ivory and jade, the aesthetics of religious prayer chains and a pinch of indefinable perceptions have resulted in the work 'Daily grains,' a necklace made out of 38 rice shaped elements, each one hand carved out of white plastic chopsticks and stringed on an artificial red silk cord. (artist's own description)

Carved out of white plastic chopsticks, artificial silk cord. 6×27×13cm.

Medallions (2019)
According to Wikipedia, a medallion is a carved or engraved circular piece of metal issued as a souvenir, award, work of art or fashion accessory, or a small, flat, round or oval portion of meat or fish without bones. Medallions are 3 pendants carved out of a broken wooden meat mallet, leftovers of walnut and mahogany wood, hung on a butcher's twine. (artist's own description)

Carved out of a broken wooden meat mallet, leftover walnut wood, leftover mahogany wood, butcher's twine. 6,5 × 5 × 1,2 cm. / 5,5×5,2×1,5cm. / 5,7×5,5×1,5cm