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Making choices is the most difficult thing to do. Art juries and salons show a long history of small successes and big mistakes.

The preparation of the new Spring + 24/7 exhibition at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg was the first occasion for jury members to meet.

We all seem to come from different backgrounds.

We agreed that we wouldn’t agree on any strategy.

We never counted votes; we always discussed the works.

For each artist, we looked comprehensively at the ensemble of pieces they submitted.

The propositions involved a large range of media: painting, photo, video, sculpture, drawing, performance, installation, a little internet… But its scope remained rather conventional: there were no mountaineering expeditions, no cooking recipes, no junk bonds, no manifestos. We couldn't help noticing a great amount of mirrors and circles.

We selected a small number of works so that their presentation would generate legible relationships between themselves and beyond.

This process completed, we were happy to observe the obviously heterogeneous nature of the ensemble.

Hopefully, future Courbets and Duchamps are present - or not - in the exhibition

Claude Closky