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Solo Exhibitor 2019 - Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl

All Wednesdays in February at 6.30pm a special screening of this year's Solo Exhibitor and last year's Solo Award Winner Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl’s new film work "DAYS OF AL" will take place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg's cinema (free entrance). The artist will be there to introduce his film work. The work is also on display in the exhibition. For further info on the events please click here.

“The Jury’s Solo Award 2018 goes to Kim Mejdahl for his courage in letting his own personal history stand at the forefront of his work without reducing it to pure subjective therapy. In ODE and NO OZONE, he has created two video works which both have a visceral emotional and bodily effect on the viewer. The jury was fascinated by this energy-filled universe from a multimedia artist whose intensely personal works blurs the boundaries between art and life.”

This is how last year’s jury described the young artist and soon-to-be graduate (2019) of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’s Schools of Visual Arts Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl, who received the Solo Award for his video works ODE and NO OZONE.

For the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2019, Mejdahl has created a new film work: DAYS OF AL – a work that the artist himself describes as a gothic farming horror. Lasting one hour, it is Mejdahl’s most comprehensive film work to date, accompanied by a soundtrack of experimental electronic music created under the artist’s musician alias Kim Kim. DAYS OF AL is a chaotic cornucopia featuring visual film techniques and animations – from time-lapse and slow-motion sequences to classic stop motion, special effects, and computer animation.

In his earlier works, the actors comprise Mejdahl’s close family members and in DAYS OF AL, the artist’s young cousin, Alex Pedersen, is the protagonist while the artist’s own dog and his mother also have roles in the film.

DAYS OF AL portrays a few fateful autumn days in the life of a nameless young man living an isolated existence with his small dog. In tandem with the protagonist examining his repressed past in a dysfunctional small-time farming family, a picture gradually appears of how the protagonist’s experience of the world crumbles leaving him dissociated from himself, his body and surroundings. The story of the young man in DAYS OF AL is interwoven with a bigger narrative about Denmark’s large-scale pork industry. Juxtaposing these two narratives may seem coincidental, but in the film the meat industry becomes an emblem of a world and a life falling apart.

With DAYS OF AL, Mejdahl utilises the film medium to portray a fragile mind in a first-person perspective without demonising the sick protagonist. Mejdahl confronts some of the cliché-filled portrayals of sick people who are either beyond all reason or represented as soothsayers, suffering because they possess special insights into the world to which others are denied access. According to the artist, these representations share the premise that they do not permit a ‘healthy’ view of a sick person’s experience of the world. At a certain point in the film, a demonic telephone stalker declares that ‘a ghost needs a sheet in order to be seen’. Thus, the film attempts to embody abstract and intangible yet apparently given and quite basic aspects of what it means to be an experiencing self.

Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl and Signe Kahr Sørensen