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The Jury 2019 ANNA KROGH / Curator / Denmark
Anna Krogh is curator at Brandts – Museum of Art and Visual Culture. Previously, she held a position at ARoS, responsible for the collection of contemporary art (2001-2005). She has contributed to and edited numerous books and catalogues. Apart from her position as curator, Anna Krogh has been entrusted with a number of positions, such as Member of the Danish Arts Council’s Commitee for International Visual Art (2010-2013) and Chair for the Factory of Art and Design (2012-2016), Copenhagen. Anna Krogh holds an MA from University of Copenhagen (2000) and The State University of New York (1995).

ANNA BJERGER / Visual Artist / Sweden
Anna Bjerger is a painter who lives and works in rural Småland in the south of Sweden. After finishing her studies at The Royal College of Art in London in 2001 she continued living in London before moving back to Sweden 14 years ago. She has exhibited internationally and her works are included in the collections of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, Moderna Museet, Stockholm and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, among others. Anna Bjerger’s upcoming shows include Man Museum, Sardinia, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm and Galleri Bo Bjergaard, Copenhagen.

TOVE STORCH / Visual Artist / Denmark
Tove Storch graduated in 2007 from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, and Akademi der Biledende Künste, Vienna. Her practice is informed by questions about how a sculpture exists and how it comes into being. Her work often takes the shape of physical and sculptural manifestations, exploring structural forms and geometric notions. Materials in contrasting situations is often at the core of her practice, constituting a vibrant tension balancing on the edge of collapse – such as silk intersecting metal, white paper squashed in between greasy iron rods and images on display while covered up. Tove Storch lives and works in Copenhagen.

LINDA KORNDAL / Architect / Denmark
As head of architecture and partner at Norm Architects, Linda Korndal works to add intention and empathy to aesthetics by working within the framework of certain questions: How do certain spaces evoke distinct behaviours and emotions? What are their perceived qualities? How do we become aware of this and use them purposefully? Her approach has been shaped from a decade of international experience in the fields of architecture, communication and as a lecturer and researcher at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Linda Korndal has been nominated designer of the year by Design Awards 5 years in a row and has won a number of international prizes and awards.

IRENE GRIEGST / Jewelry Artist / Morocco and Denmark
Irene Griegst (born in Morocco) is trained from 1973-78 by jewelry artist, sculptor and designer Arje Griegst (1938-2016) with whom she married in 1967. Additionally, she holds a B.A. in English and French Literature from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. She has received numerous grants and honours and has participated in several exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. Her jewelries are represented in the collections of Design Museum Denmark, The Danish Arts Foundation and Röhsska – Museum of Design and Craft, Göteborg, Sweden. In 1963, Arje Griegst established Griegst Jewelry and in 1978 Irene Griegst joined the company. Today, Griegst Jewelry is regarded as one of the most acknowledged jewelry brands in Denmark and is still run by Irene Griegst, as well as the couple's son Noam Griegst, who has been creative director since 2016. Irene Griegst continues to create jewelries at her workshop in Copenhagen.