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Jury Prize

The winner of the Jury Prize 2010 is Kristina Kersa with her work I sing as the bird sings.

The jury´s motivation:
In her work nominated for the Prize of the ”Forårsudstilling” 2010, Kristina Kersa has depicted a series of almost motionless people. They sit with their backs to the audience, hunched over a hardly visible object, so that the viewer has to invest a certain amount of time in order to discover the just audible sounds of a bird as the focus of the portrayed persons’ attention. In the work the traditional Flemish sport of ”Finching”, in which bird breeders compete about how many calls each finch can make in an hour, is turned into a poetic moment of intense observation through the cropping of the image and the installation on almost life-size screens.

Director Anders Lichinger, Artistoys, is handing over the Jury Prize to Kristina Kersa.
Photo: Hasse Ferrold.

A new feature from this year is that the jury will have the task of recommending ten works for the Jury Prize, and of selecting a winner among them.

The prize is a recognition of supreme artistic quality and present-day relevance at the exhibition. The prize also includes a sum of money and a statement by the jury.

The following ten artists works are nominated for the Jury Prize:

Theis Capion Andersen
Peter Boel
Jens Frederiksen
Kristina Kersa
Rasmus Høj Mygind & Emilie Bergrem
Stine Gro Petersen 
Meriç Algün Ringborg
Emile Sadria 
Stefan Törner 

Theis Capion Andersen, Untitled, 2010

Peter Boel, Je mehr wir zusammen sind #18, 2007

Jens Frederiksen, Untitled, 2007

Kristina Kersa, I sing as the bird sings, 2008

Stine Gro Petersen, Timber-raft, 2009

Rasmus Høj Mygind & Emilie Bergrem, UT (levels), 2010

Meric Algün Ringborg, Our home weighs 1.223.990 grams, 2009-2010

Emile Sadria, Cultural Kinetic Theory, 2009

Stefan Törner, Center of Attention, 2008

Qohtwaioo, Dual Dawn, 2009. March 9, 2010 at 9:18am.     24/7

Qohtaiwoo, Dual Dawn, 2009. March 9, 2010 at 6:03pm.     24/7