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The Spring Exhibition 2009
4 April – 1 June

Already last year, Charlottenborg Fonden and Kunsthal Charlottenborg initiated a process of renewal.

In 2008, the first Spring Exhibition was held along these new lines, displaying a wide range of the various media represented within the Charlottenborg Fonden’s field of interest: the visual arts, art craft/design and architecture. The ambition was not, however, just to incorporate the various media into the exhibition but also to show them as equally valid art forms. This challenging task was assigned to one of global design’s most promi- nent names, Karim Rashid, who assumed the main responsibility for both the work of the jury and curating.

This was a completely new step in the history of the Spring Exhibition, since the jury has always been a collective one comprising Danish artists who assess their colleagues. Suddenly, there was an outsider who was to be responsible for making the selection among the applicants.

Changes to the Spring Exhibition continue – and a new theme for 2009 is ready. This time we are exclusively looking for artists who work within the visual arts. This does not mean the visual arts in the traditional, narrow sense as it also includes such media as painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic art, video, film, photography and all their hybrids. To underline the many modes of expression and possibilities we have decided that the jury in 2009 is not to be as small in number as last year.

This time, the jury will comprise a wide-ranging collection of 25 people from the Danish art world. The group of jury members represents five different categories of key functions in contemporary artistic life: artists, curators/ museum staff, critics, collectors and gallery owners. Within each group we are striving for a diversity of attitudes and ages. In this way, we hope to achieve a broad spectrum of competence in assessing the applicants. He/She may only carry out a motivated selection of 10–12 works, which will subsequently be shown at the Spring Exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

In this way, the total jury will hopefully portray a differentiated picture of where art is heading. The Spring Exhibition 2009 will not be based on already approved criteria, such as national identity, genres or particular choices of media, but will be a free exposure of the diversity that characterises contemporary art right now.

Peter Holst Henckel, formand, Charlottenborg Fonden
Maria Gadegaard, konstitueret direktør, Kunsthal Charlottenborg